On Sale! Datacom Textron Lancat Vx Cat5 Cable Analyzer –

On Sale! Datacom Textron Lancat Vx Cat5 Cable Analyzer –

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Datacom Textron  Lancat Vx Lan Cable Certifiers

Datacom Textron LANCAT Vx Cat5 Cable Certifier Set Test & Certify Cat5 Cabling Installations Includes Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed!

Datacom Textron LANCat Vx LAN Cable Certifier LANCat-Vx LAN Cable Certifier Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best SerVxice and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Datacom Textron  Lancat Vx
The Lancat Series are precision instruments for the certification and troubleshooting of LAN cable installations. With plug-in Performance Modules, the LANcat Series are capable of testing a wide variety of cable types including Category 5/Class D twisted pair, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable.
One Way or TwoWay system testing
Test UTP, ScTP, coaxial, STP, and fiber optic cable.
Certifies twisted pair cable up to EIA/TIA 568A Category 5 and ISO/IEC 11801 Class D (100MHz).
Performs NEXT, Length, Wire Map, Attenuation, Noise, Traffic, Inpedance, and Resistance Tests.
Performs a preprogrammed suite of certification tests when set to Autotest.
Performs enhanced cable tests including Power Sum NEXT, Delay/Delay Skew, and Cable Grading to test emerging new enhanced data cables.
Cable Toner enables indentification of cable at far end.

Stores up to 500 Autotest results on a OneWay System, or 1000 for a TwoWay System.
Graphical user interface on the main and remote units allowing test results to be viewed at both ends.
Backlit LCD display.
Easy field updates of hardware and software using plug-in Performance Modules and flash memory.
Operates using either replaceable AA batteries, AC/Mains power, or a rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
Voice communication between main unit and the remote (LANcat TwoWay).

Lancat Vx

Datacom LANcat Vx Two Way Tester
Datacom LANcat Vx Two Way Tester
Datacom Performance Module Cat5 Link AdaptersÂ
RJ-45 Coupler
LANcat V Performance Calibration Module
(2) AC Adapter/Charger
RS-232 PC Interface Cable
Hard Copy User Manual
Hard Carrying Case

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